Raise Your Metabolism with Aerobic Exercises in Our Fitness Center

Raise Your Metabolism with Aerobic Exercises in Our Fitness Center

If you live in our apartments in South Tulsa with fitness center access, you have everything you need to start burning fat. Through the use of aerobic exercises, you will increase your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn fat, even when you are at rest. Aerobic exercise is all about getting your heart rate up and keeping it elevated for … [Read more...]

Butterscotch Pancakes and More at Sarah’s Brunch

Butterscotch Pancakes and More at Sarah's Brunch

There are many restaurants in South Tulsa, but when you're on the lookout for a great brunch spot, not just any restaurant will do. However, Brunch at Sarah's is one that will not leave you disappointed. This restaurant is located at 8036 South Yale, and it is less than a quarter of a mile from our South Tulsa apartments. This is in such a close … [Read more...]

Visit Tulsa State Fair’s Picking and Fiddling Championships

Visit Tulsa State Fair's Picking and Fiddling Championships

Did you ever wonder what the difference was between a fiddle and a violin? Don’t bother asking a banjo player because he will just lie to you, and you will walk away knowing less than you did before you asked. A violin player would just glare at you, and a fiddle player would tell you that he really doesn’t know, but if you hum a few bars, he will … [Read more...]

Enjoy Working with Kids? Volunteer at Tulsa’s Little Light House

Enjoy Working with Kids Volunteer at Tulsa's Little Light House

Volunteering can bring light to your life, and volunteering with children is especially rewarding. So if you are thinking about volunteer opportunities in Tulsa, consider giving your time to the Little Light House. This center is recognized internationally for its comprehensive services. The amazing center offers free therapeutic and educational … [Read more...]

The Prismatic World Tour: Katy Perry at BOK Center

The Prismatic World Tour Katy Perry at BOK Center

Our apartments near LaFortune Park put you in great position for all of the things to do in our area. From nightlife to fantastic dining experiences, there's bound to be something that catches your attention. If you love live music, you should definitely check out some of the upcoming concerts at the BOK Center. One of the biggest upcoming shows is … [Read more...]

Experience Fair Food and Fun at the Corndog Classic 5K

Experience Fair Food and Fun at the Corndog Classic 5K

What could be more fun than corndogs, cotton candy, and lemonade? Could it be enjoying a competitive run while you are eating? If that sounds like a challenge you want to try to meet, you will want to sign up for the Corndog Classic, one of the USATF-certified 5K races in Tulsa. Each runner will receive one of the items at the one and a half and … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Relieve Dog Separation Anxiety in Tulsa

Dog Walker

As pet lovers and owners, we all want our pets to be healthy and happy 24/7, but most of us spend time outside the house, away from our dogs. Your dog can become nervous while you're away, resulting in dog separation anxiety. We know that dogs are pack animals so their social inclination is to be with their owners morning, noon and night if … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the Tulsa Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event

Sign Up for the Tulsa Walk to End Alzheimer's Event

Are you looking for an event that you can do with your friends or family? How about a Tulsa charity event? The Tulsa Walk to End Alzheimer's will be here before you know it. It will be not only fun, but it is also for a good cause. This event will be on Saturday, August 23, 2014. It will take place at CityPlex Towers, located at 2248 East 81st … [Read more...]

Update Your Gear for Our Tennis Court at this Tulsa Shop

Update Your Gear for Our Tennis Court at this Tulsa Shop

Do you love playing tennis at the cool courts located at your apartment in South Tulsa with tennis court? You might notice that your balls and racket have seen some better days, and it might be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, there's a shop nearby that stocks everything you need for the best game ever. A specialty shop that caters to all things … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Your Child’s First Day at Jenks Public Schools

3 Tips for Your Child's First Day at Jenks Public Schools

Though summer's sun is still high, it is not too early to start preparing your child for the first day of school. School starts August 19th for Jenks Public Schools, and getting ready early can make things much smoother, especially for younger children. Here are some tips for helping your child have a positive first day of school: Start by … [Read more...]

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Plant a Fall Garden on Your Case Patio or Balcony

Plant a Fall Garden on Your Case Patio or Balcony

Just because you live in one of our beautiful Case & Associates communities doesn't mean your green thumb has to go unused. Tap into the popularity of container gardening, and you might be surprised at how much gardening you can do. You can grow beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs, and even delicious vegetables in containers that fit on your patio … [Read more...]

5 Creative Costumes You Can Make for Halloween


Dressing up for Halloween can be fun and exciting, but the price of a costume quickly adds up. However, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to dress up this Halloween. Make note of the following money-saving tips when it comes to putting together a Halloween costume. It's very easy and inexpensive to put together a child's fairy costume. Purchase a … [Read more...]

Decorate with Fall Leaves in Your Case Apartment


Fall is quickly approaching, and perhaps you'd like to decorate your apartment to reflect the changing season. Fall leaves with their beautiful shades of red, gold, and orange can be perfect for fall apartment decorating. Make note of the following tips on how to utilize these leaves in your apartment home. When you use fall leaves … [Read more...]

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall is a great time to head into our community and participate in some wonderful events. There are many activities that the whole family will enjoy. Check out some of the fall events in Tulsa, and get the whole family involved. Head out to Oktoberfest from October 16th until October 19th. It is a terrific event that has live music, carnival … [Read more...]

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso’s Magoffin Historic Site

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso's Magoffin Historic Site

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Halloween events in El Paso provide a terrific way to kick off the holiday. This year, Magoffin Home is bringing you the perfect spine-tingling event. Get ready for the much anticipated Ghost Stories by Moonlight. This Halloween event will take place on October 24th and October 25th from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. It will … [Read more...]